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JeongHa Shin
M.S. 2022, Feb, "Linker: Active Driver Wrapper to Enhance the Reconfigurability and Autonomy of Factory Devices"
(Currently working at Hyundai Motor Company, Korea)
Gyeong Hwan Min
M.S. 2022, Aug, "Task and Flow-based Manufacturing Execution Language for Rapid Control Programming"
(Currently working at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea)

Ju Hyun Cho
M.S. 2023, Aug, "Two-Phase Anomaly Detection and Confidence Analysis in Electromechanical Systems with Implicit Operating Condition"
(Currently working at Hyundai Motor Company, Korea)
Gihong Lee
M.S. 2024, Feb, "Rapid Training Strategies for Fault Detection in Similar Electromechanical Systems"
(Currently working at LG Energy Solution, Korea)

Hyun-Ki Kim
M.S. 2013, Feb, "Effects of Part-to-part Gap and the Direction of Welding on Laser Welding Quality"
(Currently working at World Ocean Co. Ltd. Korea)
Yang-Ji Lee
M.S. 2013, Feb, "A Study on Data Filtering Techniques for Intelligent Failure Analysis"
(Currently working at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea)

Amit Kumar Sinha
M.S. 2014, Feb, "Effects of Part-to-part Gap and the Variation of Weld Seam on the Laser Welding Quality"
Prerna Swati
M.S. 2014, Aug, "A Compatible Supplier Selection Model for New Product Configuration"

Bo Bae Kim
M.S. 2017, Feb, "Rapid Control Prototyping for Reconfigurable Assembly Workstations"
(Currently working at ASML Korea, Korea)
Won-Il Jeong
M.S. 2017, Feb, "IIoT-Enabled Manufacturing Process Monitoring and Resource Positioning"
(Currently working at Samsung SDS, Korea)

Rocku Oh
M.S. 2017, Aug, "In-Process Laser Welding Monitoring by Fusing the Uncertain Signal Information of Multi-Photodiode Sensors"
(Currently working at Kakao, Korea)
Sujeong Baek, Ph.D
Ph.D. 2018, Feb, "Fault Detection and Prediction in Electromechanical Systems via the Discretized State Vector-based Pattern Analysis of Multi-sensor Signals"
(Currently working as a Associate professor at Hanbat National University, Korea)

Hye Rim Kim
M.S. 2018, Feb, "A Three-dimensional Analysis by Coordinate Registration of Randomly Positioned Objects"
(Currently working at Naver Cloud, Korea)
Ha Young Oh
M.S. 2018, Feb, "An Abrupt Variance Analysis of Multiple Sensor Signals for Dimension Reduction in Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis"
(Currently working at Samsung Electronics, Korea)

Jong Il Park
M.S. 2018, Aug, "A Geometric Feature-based Stress and Deformation Estimation Model for Optimal Assembly Part Positioning on Transformable Pin-jigs"
(Currently working at Hanwha Precision Machinery, Korea)
Kee Beom Park
M.S. 2018, Aug, "Assembly Task Recognition and Imitation via Incorporating Motion Reference Models with Raw Depth Data for Intuitive Robot Teaching"
(Currently working as a CEO of Rovices, Korea)

Han Sol Kim
M.S. 2018, Aug, "Optimal Assembly Part Positioning on Transformable Pin-jigs by Active Pin Maximization and Joining Point Alignment"
(Currently working at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea)
Ki Chang Namgung
M.S. 2019, Aug, "A Similarity Analysis between the Discretized State Vectors of Multi-Sensor Signals by Estimating State Prediction Power"
(Currently working at SK E&S, Korea)

Woon Sang Baek
Ph.D. 2020, Feb, "In-process Noise Evaluation for Product Fault Detection in a Noisy Shop-Floor Environment"
(Currently working at SK innovation, Korea)
Bucyeye Shema Mireille
M.S. 2020, Aug, "Implementation of Weighted Damped Least Squares Inverse Kinematics for Adaptive Robot Program Calibration"
(Currently working as an Assistant Lecturer at Rwanda Polytechnic(IPRC Gishari), Rwanda)

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