• IMEN330 Product Production Process Design
    The course deals with various issues involved in designing Products and Production Processes while providing opportunities for students to reflect on modern technology and its prospect. Students are expected to take initiatives on personal pursuit of knowledge relative to the issues raised during the entire lifecycle of product and production process design and implementation. In particular, topics covered in the course include: product lifecycle and manufacturing economics, machining and numerical control, automation and control, PLC programming, industrial communication, manufacturing system design & simulation, and some open issues for smart manufacturing. The course contains regular exercises and practical labs, and thus your programming skill and motivation are highly required
    Lab#1: CAD/CAM
    Lab#2: Production Simulation & Optimization
    Lab#3: PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
    Lab#4: Process Monitoring & Fault Diagnostics

  • IMEN491T Introduction to Mechatronics
    This course is an introduction course (undergraduate level) to mechatronic system design. Topics covered in the course include: sensors and transducers; signal conditioning and real time interfacing; actuators; system control. This course provides a series of in-depth labs and exercises aiming at learning both design and control of mechatronic systems. Students will understand mathematical modeling and response analyses of mechatronic systems from a practical application perspective. Students will be required to develop control logics and mathematical models of target systems (e.g. response analysis of DC motors, PID control, and a ball in tube system).
    Lab#1: Sensors & DAQ
    Lab#2: Signal conditioning & OP-AMPs
    Lab#3: DC Motors and Transient Response Analysis
    Lab#4: PID Control
    Lab#5: Ball-in-Tube System

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