The factory Intelligence laboratory aims to develop the technologies needed for the new sustainable and competitive factories of the future. Functionally, the smart factory can produce highly personalised products exactly when they are needed at mass production cost. The shop floor controller can make decisions independently to resolve unforeseen troubles. Ideally, the smart factory must be able to give feedback on design problems for manufacturing, and further give advice how to improve the design since all product lifecycle costs are committed at the early design phase.

Main research fields to address the challenge include:

Factory Control
       FiLab is currently developing a new programming language, called Manufacturing Execution
       Language (MEL)
, for controlling manufacturing equipment such as industrial robots and
       machines. With MEL, we are paving the way for a future where factories can operate
       under software-oriented control without programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
       Filab is furthermore developing a new AI that has the capability to autonomously generate MEL
       programs. In other words, we will demonstrate how AI can be used to program machines.

          - Manufacturing Execution Language
          - Execution Neural Network (ENN): a deep learning model to train and generate control logics
          - Digital Twin & Simulation

Factory Analytics
       In-Process Monitoring and Control
          - Artificial Intelligence for In-Process Quality Inspection and Process Control
          - Failure Diagnosis & Prognosis for Machine Healthcare

Factory Design
       Rapid Factory Design
          - Neutral Simulation Language
          - Cyber-Physical Production System

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APMS2022 Conference

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