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iGreenCar: International collaborative research & development for green car (2010 - 2012) The Leading Industry Development Foundation for the Dongnam Economic Region of Korea (Co-PI)


Collaborative Conceptual Design Support System for a Satellite Design (2006 ~ 2007) EPFL Space Centre (Contribution: Project Manager and main developer)


VRL-KCiP Network of Excellence: a multicultural approach to the integration of modelling and simulation of knowledge-based production processes on the one hand and to the relations between the joint partners on the other. Its objective is to support dynamic organisations, inter-enterprise operability, and necessary standardisation (2004 ~ 2008) European Union Research Funding (Contribution: joint partner and task leader of JRA WP4 Task 205: Engineering and Product Life-Cycle Knowledge Management) (http://www.vrl-kcip.org)


Technology Development for Modelling and Management of a Virtual Automotive Manufacturing Plant (2000-2002): GM-DAEWOO Auto & Technology (Contribution: construction of 3D virtual automotive plant)


Dynamic & Distributed CAPP (2000-2002): GM-DAEWOO Auto & Technology (Contribution: development of CMM-based reverse engineering system for stamping die manufacturing, NC code optimization by feed rate adjustments)


Development of an Optimal Planning System for a Shipbuilding Project (2000-2001): DAEWOO Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd (Contribution: user interface design)


Web-based Rapid Design and Optimal Management Technologies for Distributed Manufacturing Systems (2000-2001): National Research Lab (Contribution: system design)

Real-Time Scheduler for Turbo-FMS (2000): TurboTek Co. Ltd (Contribution: project manager)                                      

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