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Execution Neural Network (ENN) & MEL - Generator (MEL - Gen)

MEL Execution Feature Matrices (Training Data) Collection

MEL Execution Feature Matrix Preprocessing
  • MEL Execution Feature Matrix (Manufacturing State & Transition Matrix, Control Matrix) Preprocessing for Control Logic Analysis, Learning, and Generation
  • Conversion MEL Execution Feature Matrix Data into the Appropriate Input Type for the Learning Model
  • Example: Dimension Reduction, Standardization

Control Logic Learning via Execution Neural Network (ENN)
  • Execution Neural Network (ENN): A Deep Learning Model for Control Logic Learning
  • Control Logic Knowledge-base & AI Learning via ENN
  • Graph Form (like GNN) or Recurrent Form (like RNN) for MEL-Code Autonomous Generation (TBD)

MEL Control Program Generation (MEL - Gen)
  • MEL - Generator (MEL - Gen): Autonomous MEL - Code Generation AI
  • Execution Function of Autonomous Control Agent

Execution Neural Network (ENN) & MEL - Generator (MEL - Gen)

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