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Manufacturing Execution Language

Task & Flow based MEL Control Logic Diagram Study

  • MEL-Diagram for Graphical Expression of Manufacturing Control Logic
      - Task Block-Based In/Out/Control/Resource Properties
      - Task Sequence and Time Expression Method
      - Trigger Conditions for Action Performance Events

  • Research on Efficiency of MEL-Diagram
      - MEL-Diagram to Petri-Net Conversion Method
      - IDEF0/IDEF3 Model Extraction Method in MEL-Diagram
      - Transformation Method from MEL-Diagram to PLC Instruction List

Manufacturing Execution Entity Study

  • Factory Things State Information Structure
      - Factory Things State Information Model
      - Hierarchical Study of Workcell / Device Group / Device

  • State Transition Structure Based on Manufacturing Execution Entities
      - Transition Information Model Based on Execution Entities
      - Hierarchy of Job/Task/Behavior/Action

Manufacturing Execution Feature Matrix Study

  • Manufacturing Factory Things State Matrix
      - Structure and Dynamics of Manufacturing State Matrix with Hierarchical Structure

  • Manufacturing Transition Matrix with Execution Entity
      - Transition Matrix Structure Consisting of State Matrix Transition Functions
      - Transition Matrix Dynamics Based on Logical Combination

  • Control Matrix Study for Real Control Information
      - Structure and Dynamics of the Manufacturing Control Matrix with Parameters

Manufacturing Execution Language

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