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Self-resilient process control

This research aims to integrate (i) automatic root cause analysis of product and process faults, (ii) prediction of the product/process quality for a given system, and (iii) feedforward/feedback process adjustment & control to enhance the system's response to fault or quality/productivity degradation. This integration of in-process quality monitoring with closed-loop process control will make manufacturing processes more flexible, tolerable, and resilient to unforeseen changes and events.

Factory Installation Wizard

Remote Laser Welding Process Control for Eco-Automotive Factories (2011-2014) Ministry of Knowledge Economy, KIAT (PI): The goal of the project is to develop an engineering platform for an emerging joining technology from the automotive industry, Remote Laser Welding (RLW), that will enable the exploitation of this technology and ultimately support other joining processes.

RLW institute

RLW details
RLW details

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