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Workcell Agent for Autonomous Control

Filab is developing agents for autonomous control in workcells and a structure to facilitate their easy configuration. These workcell agents contribute to addressing labor shortages and meeting market demands through autonomous optimal control. Workcell agents possess the following capabilities: perception and control of manufacturing equipment included in the workcell, decision-making and optimal control within the workcell based on internal information, and higher-level decision-making and optimal control through communication among agents.

Recognition and control of factory devices by Linker
  • Linker is a new approach that serves as an Active Device Driver to connect manufacturing equipment with control and management systems.
  • Linker incorporates functionalities related to factory device information, communication, and control.
  • Linker enables automatic configuration through the Information Studio, utilizing two models: the device information model and the communication model.

Decision-making and optimal control within the workcell
  • Workcell agents perceive information within the workcell and make decisions.
  • Based on their decision-making, optimal control is achieved using the linker.

Decision-making and optimal control among agents
  • Agents can gather more information and incorporate it into their decision-making process within the workcell by communicating with other agents, allowing them to achieve broader optimization.
  • Furthermore, through inter-agent communication within the workcell, they can realize optimal control across the entire factory, leading towards an autonomous factory.

Workcell Agent for Autonomous Control

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